Create or Join Multiple Groups

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Cartonomy is the fastest, easiest way to make group purchases with your family, friends and co-workers.

Here’s How It Works


Create a Group

Start by organizing the people you regularly shop with into groups. Sort shopping needs by home, work, and life, using group titles like, “The Jones Family,” “Accounting Department,” or “Blue House Roomies."

Invite People to Shop Together

Search Cartonomy for people you know or invite your peers to become members (it’s free!). Now everyone who matters to you--family, co-workers, friends--can shop together with shared shopping carts. Tackle of all sorts of tasks as a team, like replenishing household staples, ordering office supplies, or planning a party.

Add Items to Shared Carts

You and your shopping friends can select items from our partner retailers’ catalogs and add them to your shared shopping carts. Now you’ll be able to know exactly what people want and buy it for them. No more guessing when Scott will run out of shampoo or if Megan needs sticky notes for the office. And shoppers can send each other messages to make sure everything they need gets to the cart, like, “Buy more curly straws!”

Review and Edit Your Cart

As an administrator, you can review what shoppers have been adding to your cart. What if Scott forgot to put in his favorite shampoo? Maybe Megan and Kyle each threw in 12 packs of sticky notes? Did someone add curly fries instead of curly straws? No problem. Just approve, delete, or change the quantity of any requested items.

Checkout With Your Favorite Retailers

Then, when you’re satisfied with the cart, finalize the purchases by clicking checkout. Your Cartonomy order is instantly transported into waiting shopping carts at your preferred online retailers for a familiar checkout process.


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